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Gainesville Florida Chapter

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Wanda Lloyd

Wanda Lloyd is the lead instructor of Smooth Flava, Gainesville Chapter. Wanda was introduced to DFW Swingout in 2014 by Robert Whitehead of Swing N Motion. After graduating in January 2015, she began to travel to enjoy the dance. As her love grew, she shared it with her 5th grade classroom students. In February 2016, her students showcased DFW Swingout at Swing N Motion's 3rd Graduating Class Dance Ceremony. This journey birthed BLSSD Future (Ballroom, Line, Swingout, Steppin Dancers). Wanda's passion to get Gainesville dancing; she continued teaching children and the beginner class of Swing N Motion. In the summer of 2016 BLSSD Future showcased DFW Swingout at the Graduation Ceremony for FOCUS Academic Summer Camp. LaDell Headroe, Founder of Smooth Flava Houston Texas became Wanda's mentor and endorsed her under Smooth Flava Inc, Branding. In the summer of 2017 she held her very first Teach Me To Dance Fundraising Event at the Reitz Union on the University of Florida's college campus June 23-24, 2017, where all styles of dance were represented and welcomed: DFW Swingout, Steppin, Ballroom, DC Hand Dance, Line Dance, just to name a few. The success of this event raised funds to support BLSSD Future scholarships for low-income families in the Gainesville community.


Ladell Headroe II

LaDell Headroe is the founder and lead instructor of Smooth Flava Entertainment.  His career began while living in the Dallas Fort Worth area under the influence of several legendary Swing Out instructors.  LaDell's dancing skills progressed as he graduated from classes with Willie Hitman Johnson of Fort Worth, and Angie Jones who is known as the dance champion of Swing Out and West Coast Swing in Dallas. Finally, after graduating from Lady Champagne's Sheer Elegance class, LaDell was given the honor of becoming an assistant instructor with Lady Champagne.

Throughout the years LaDell has advanced his dance skill even further by training with other dancing legends such as Lewis Butter Neal, Lasonda Campbell, Geno Spears (Chi-Town Stepping), J-Most (Chi-Town Stepping), Big Smooth, Jerry Palmer, Tracy Mallory, Master Redd (Houston 2 Step), Jimmie Jay Owens (Houston 2-Step), and Ramiro Gonzales.

LaDell's passion for Swing Out lead him to Houston in 2006 where he started Smooth Flava Entertainment.  He has since  tirelessly worked to accomplish his personal goal of promoting growth, talent and unity within the dance community. LaDell has taught hundreds of students from beginners to advanced Swing Out techniques and has graduated numerous Smooth Flava classes.

LaDell continues to impact the dance community by regularly performing in showcases and conducting various Swing Out workshops from California to Florida.  The Smooth Flava legacy continues to expand thanks to the numerous graduates who choose to further their swing out experience by becoming instructors all across the world.  LaDell currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area where he is teaching Swing Out and continues to spread the dance. 

LaDell's motto, perspective, and philosophy is that an instructor's worth is measured by how well his or her students dance. 

I can make you dance , if you want me to...


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